The winners have emerged!
Well this year the final game doesn't even matter - We have our winners! Congrats to the top three, and better luck next year to the rest of you...
As I was updating things today, I realized that after my stellar 2nd place start after the 2nd round, I am now sitting comfortaly in a 4-way-tie for 58th place (with my brother). Room for improvement! I think the lesson there is "Going with your gut only gets you so far..."
    •    The cost of entry is $5, or 3 for $12 (cheap!) (if you use PayPal - please ensure you make it a “personal” transaction to avoid fees, and fund the transaction with your bank account. If you pay with credit card, please add 30 cents per entry).
    •    Winner takes 60% of total pot, 2nd place takes 30%, 3rd place takes 10%.
    •    The pot will be 100% of the money I receive. I am taking no cut here, so the more people that enter, the bigger the pot. What a nice guy!
    •    You may enter more than once, but you may only win once. So if you get 1st and 2nd, you only get 60%, not 90%. Share the love...
    •    Opening round game winners are worth zero points - I am not scoring those games this year! I have a feeling that format isn't going to last much longer anyway...
    •    First round (the round of 64) game winners are worth 2 points each.
    •    Second round game winners are worth 3 points each.
    •    Each Elite Eight team you pick is worth 4 points.
    •    Each Final Four team you pick is worth 6 points.
    •    Each championship game team you pick is worth 8 points.
    •    If you pick the winner, it's worth 12 points.
    •    The tiebreaker is simple: You pick a number. Whoever is closest to the points scored by the winner of the game, wins the tiebreaker. READ THAT AGAIN. About half of you screwed that up EVERY year. The winner is not going to score 150 points (or 8 - That one must have just been a typo).
    •    Special rules: 1) If you choose, you are allowed to pick BOTH teams from the play-in games to move on to later rounds. You don't have to choose - you can just say one of these two teams will win their next game... Does that make sense? If it doesn't, don't worry about it. 2) Nothing super complicated here, back to the basics: Pick the Hawks or the Irish to win their first round games, and you get the points regardless of the outcome. That's kind of a no-brainer, since they're both favored. Second round, same deal. If you pick both Iowa and ND to win their first two rounds, and it ACTUALLY HAPPENS - well then a bonus 4 points are all yours! Something to think about... As always, thanks for reading the rules!
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