We have our Winners!
It came down to a tiebreaker - great finish. Big congrats to Matthew Illari, Jacob Clark, and Shane G 2 for their come-from-behind victories! Also congrats to our two biggest losers... You'll all be contacted shortly to receive your prizes.
See you all Next Year!
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Print out your Bracket, and check out the competition, Here
  • The cost of entry is $5, or 3 for $12 (cheap!) (PayPal Users: Please ensure you make it a "personal" transaction to avoid fees, and fund the transaction with your bank account. If you pay with credit card, please add 30 cents per entry).
  • Winner takes 60% of total pot, 2nd place takes 30%, 3rd place takes 10%.
  • The pot will be 100% of the money I receive. I am taking no cut here, so the more people that enter, the bigger the pot. Somebody give this guy a pat on the back!
  • You may enter more than once, but you may only win once. So if you get 1st and 2nd, you only get 60%, not 90%. Seems fair to me, you evil genius...
  • "First Four" round game winners are worth 1 point, but only if you get your picks in before those games start... They are played pretty much IMMEDIATELY, so you've got to be on the ball before I cut them off.
  • First round (the round of 64) game winners are worth 2 points each.
  • Second round (the round of 32) game winners are worth 3 points each.
  • Each Elite Eight team you pick is worth 4 points.
  • Each Final Four team you pick is worth 6 points.
  • Each championship game team you pick is worth 8 points.
  • If you pick the winner, it's worth 12 points.
  • The tiebreaker is simple: You pick a number. Whoever is closest to the points scored by the winner of the game, wins the tiebreaker. READ THAT CLOSELY. For those of you who intentionally pick outrageously high numbers, either because you didn't read the rules or because you like to mess with me, I applaud your confidence... About 20% of the payout historically has come down to a tiebreaker (made up statistic, but it feels about right).
  • Booby Prize: If you finish in dead last palce, you double your money and win $10. If you finish 2nd to last, you win your $5 back. This money comes out of the pot before I divvy it out to the big winners. The Tiebreaker will work the same, except it's a little tricky: If you're tied for last place, and you win the tiebreaker, that moves you into 2nd to last place (i.e. less money). Also, the same rules apply about winning more than one prize. You can only win 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Second-to-Last, or Last. If you have multiple entries and more than one wins, you will only receive the highest paying prize, and the next prize will go to the next person in line. So don't be tempted to enter a Winner and a Loser - that's a terrible idea anyway.
  • Special rules: 1) If you pick a "First Four" round team to make it into the 2nd round (the round of 32) and beyond...and they do, I will give you the points even if you have the wrong first four team chosen. For example, let's say you choose team X to beat team Y in the First Four, and then win their next game too. If team Y wins, you don't get the points for the First Four game. BUT, if team Y wins their next game also, you'll get those points. Basically, a win for a First Four team is a win for both First Four teams... If that doesn't make sense, please ask me for clarification BEFORE the round of 64 starts, Mark.
    2) Since my beloved young Hawkeyes didn't make the tournament this year, but I really liked watching them all season anyway... you can pick the Hawkeyes as a wildcard for any ONE First Round game, and you'll get the points for that game, plus two bonus points for reading the rules. You cannot pick Iowa to go into the second round... Well, I guess you can, but you're not going to earn any points for it. Hawkeyes got to earn that year! Thanks for reading the rules...
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