We have our winners!
A big congratulations to our winners, the top two of whom are 8 and 10 years old, respectively. Well done, kids! Your elementary analytical skills are the envy of us all. As for the rest of you - There's always next year...
Final scoring is posted - click the link below to see how it all shook out. Thanks again for playing, everyone!
  • The cost of entry is $5, or 3 for $12 (cheap!). Cash, Check, PayPal are preferred. I think I accept Zelle, though I'm not really sure what that is? I think I can probably accept Venmo, if you're so Millenial that the first three options don't work, but you might want to call me first so I can set it up. Crypto-currency...I'm open to discussion. (PayPal Users: Please ensure you make it a "personal" transaction to avoid fees, and fund the transaction with your bank account. If you pay with credit card, please add 30 cents per entry.)
  • Winner takes 60% of total pot, 2nd place takes 30%, 3rd place takes 10%.
  • The pot will be 100% of the money I receive. I am taking no cut here, so the more people that enter, the bigger the pot. Am I generous, or a sucker?
  • You may enter more than once, but you may only win once. So if you get 1st and 2nd, you only get 60%, not 90%. And you also need to give me some advice on my bracket next year.
  • "First Four" round game winners are worth 1 point, but only if you get your picks in before those games start... They are played pretty much IMMEDIATELY, so you've got to be on the ball before I cut them off.
  • First round (the round of 64) game winners are worth 2 points each.
  • Second round (the round of 32) game winners are worth 3 points each.
  • Each Elite Eight team you pick is worth 4 points.
  • Each Final Four team you pick is worth 6 points.
  • Each championship game team you pick is worth 8 points.
  • If you pick the winner, it's worth 12 points.
  • The tiebreaker is simple: You pick a number. Whoever is closest to the points scored by the winner of the game, wins the tiebreaker. READ THAT CLOSELY. For those of you who intentionally pick outrageously high numbers, either because you didn't read the rules or because you like to mess with me, I applaud your confidence...But last year's championship came down to the tiebreaker, so you should take this seriously!
  • Special rules: 1) No special rules this year... I'm too depressed about the seaon. Pick winners and earn points - simple as that.

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