Final Results are posted!
A big congratulations and Thank You to Will D. Cat for making the Hawkeyes' early loss look much more respectable, and a HUGE Congratulations to Our Winners!
Special congrats to the youngest winner in the history of my bracket (A 3-year-old takes second does that make the rest of you feel? It makes me feel great!), and also special shout out to the first-ever biggest loser prize-winners, which actually came down to the tiebreaker! Take a look at all of the final standings...
Final Results are posted HERE.
Everyone's picks are posted HERE (listed in alphabetical order based on first name).
Have a great Spring - We'll see you all next year!
    •    The cost of entry is $5, or 3 for $12 (cheap!) (if you use PayPal - please ensure you make it a “personal” transaction to avoid fees, and fund the transaction with your bank account. If you pay with credit card, please add 30 cents per entry).
    •    Winner takes 60% of total pot, 2nd place takes 30%, 3rd place takes 10%.
    •    New This Year - 2nd to Last Place wins $5, and Last Place wins $10! This will be taken out of the total pot, and is payable only via PayPal. I'm hoping this will keep the excitment going a bit longer for some of you who have terrible first rounds...
    •    The pot will be 100% of the money I receive. I am taking no cut here, so the more people that enter, the bigger the pot. What a nice guy!
    •    You may enter more than once, but you may only win once. So if you get 1st and 2nd, you only get 60%, not 90%. This includes if your family enters using the group discount. If you want each person in your family to have a chance at winning, they all need to pay the full $5 entry fee - if your group only pays $12, you can only win once. This hasn't ever actually been an issue that I can remember, but you'd be surprised how many people ask me this question each year...
    •    Opening round game winners are worth zero points - I am not scoring those games this year!
    •    First round (the round of 64) game winners are worth 2 points each.
    •    Second round game winners are worth 3 points each.
    •    Each Elite Eight team you pick is worth 4 points.
    •    Each Final Four team you pick is worth 6 points.
    •    Each championship game team you pick is worth 8 points.
    •    If you pick the winner, it's worth 12 points.
    •    The tiebreaker is simple: You pick a number. Whoever is closest to the points scored by the winner of the game, wins the tiebreaker. READ THAT AGAIN. About half of you screwed that up EVERY year, and I'm starting to think some of you are doing it on purpose. For the last-place prizes, the tiebreaker works in reverse.
    •    Special note: 1) If you choose, you are allowed to pick BOTH teams from the play-in games to move on to later rounds. You don't have to choose - you can just say both of these two teams will win their next game...however if you do choose a specific team and you're wrong, you won't get the points. Does that make sense? If it doesn't, give me a call Mark. 2) No more special rules this year. I'm not playing favorites...just hoping for some decent basketball.
Here's how you enter:

Fill out ALL of the boxes on the "Enter" page. Hitting "tab" should move your cursor somewhat logically through the boxes, one Region at a time. Feel free to use abbreviations to save time, or nicknames or whatever wherever you want - creativity is appreciated as always...just make sure it is unambiguous which team you are choosing. If you just enter a capital letter I for the Iowa State vs Iona game, that kind of leaves things up in the air. In case of any doubt, Fred's Judgment is Final. When you're done, click on the "send" button at the bottom. Do not click "reset" unless you want to erase everything!
I need all forms completed NO LATER THAN 11:15 AM CT, THURSDAY MARCH 19. Completing and sending a form obligates you to pay the entry fee. If you don't complete the form by the time the opening rounds starts on March 17, don't worry about it - I'm not scoring those games. You MUST, however, get it in by the time the First round starts on March 19. It's a quick turnaround, as always, but that just adds to the MADNESS!
There are three options for paying the entry fee:

#1: If you see me, you can give it to me. One Lincoln (or 500 of them, depending on which Lincoln you choose).
You can mail the entry fee, as soon as possible, to: Joe LaBrecque, 640 Lincolnshire Pl, Coralville, IA  52241 . Make sure you include your name with your money!
#3: If you have a PayPal account, you know how that works. The email address to use is, and see special payment notes above. If you don't have a PayPal account and would like to set one up, it's free and easy. Go to They also have a very slick SmartPhone app, in case you want to make a habit out of giving me money.
Make sure you write your picks down somewhere else, or print off a copy of your picks before you click "send", because once you click "send", the page will disappear. You'll get an email from me with your picks within a few days your entry, and I will post everyone's picks on the site in a printer-friendly format sometime during the first round.
I think that's it. If you have any questions, email me by clicking on the link at the bottom right of the screen, or call me at 319-331-4559. I will not be accessing this stuff during working or family-vacationing hours, so expect a bit of a delay between correspondence. Also the first round update is obviously the hardest, so it may take a couple extra days. Special Thanks to my Brother for helping out with the scoring again this year!
A final note: Don't hit "enter" or "return" on your keyboard, b/c that will send me the form. To switch from box to box, either click in the box or hit "tab". If you send me an incomplete form, it's not really a big deal, you'll just have to fill the whole thing out again. I know that's annoying, but it's these little nuances that makes this bracket “special”!
Remember to check back often to see how you're doing! I will do updates at the completion of each round! GOOD LUCK!
Email Me!